About Us

Keep it simple media works is a creative agency and production house which believes in being extraordinary. We understand that good enough is never enough. We love clients who stand up for great ideas. We are interested in getting to know the company and the story behind it. Our deliverable reflects the same emotions to the customers. We are adaptive to different sort of projects and our creative work is top-notch.

Established in the year 2015, KEEP IT SIMPLE MEDIA WORKS is a brainchild of ASHISH SABLAWAT, model turned producer. Before becoming an entrepreneur, he was an associate producer in Marinating Films based in Mumbai. Under it, he did Box Cricket League season one telecasted on Sony television. He did tally calendar shoot in Mumbai, Malaysia and Jordan with top 12 faces from television fraternity. He also did star collection of Images bazaar. This company is based both in Mumbai and Jaipur.